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Welcome to ' Northern Ireland, dual status and 1%ers '.

My name is Eddy Crowley ( ) and I am a creative in various formats, graphic design, painting, sketching etc.

These pages are my marginal doodlings on Northern Ireland. In 2018 the news asked for people to start thinking outside the box

for governance here. This page is just ideas for potential futures, a starting point for brief establishment of a standard N.I. format.

Feel free to print out any of this site and doodle on it, I don't enforce copyright unless plagiarism.

bright future northern ireland


peace games

club up ulster

league system life


stormont politics

Testbed Ulster's Truth machine.


workstation nation

NIL Northern Irish Life :

Group identity format.

New internet prefix, world wide web to web Ireland north, WWW.XXX.COM TO WIN.XXX.COM.

Government run server centres based in Northern Ireland for only the people in N.I.

A safe place for kids to learn about the world, via verified and structured content from the world wide web ( Best of global web )

Age verified generational peer grouping environment for communication and commerce.

A place where common ground can be established.

web ireland north

web ireland north

We have had the Fathers of the state in Martin and Ian, both now departed,

Is it time for the Mothers of state to work it out.

new stormont building



stormont future design, ulster, northern ireland assembly

stormont future design, ulster, northern ireland assembly


In politics we can do whatever we all agree on, services, infrastructure and format in which society is represented.

My idea is to establish a new efficient 'one percenter up', with dual status, as a possible future format for governance,

I'm a creative so I'm not saying it's right but more as a question

' Would something like the one percenters and dual status formula ( illustrated above ) work in the unique state of Northern Ireland ? '.


I hope you like the publication so far, and I ask you to consider doing a page,

take a photo and send it to me on


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