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Bi-Polar cycle for me, when I feel a bit manic I visualise a vortex in my brain, then put in buffers until I get a still pool of water

and it really calms me down, so that I can be productive again, busy at my projects is me at my happiest, then mood and

emotion builds up and eventually another storm in a tea cup etc. I make sure I always eat well and take meds.

Documentation is key, A4 paper and a biro is how all my sites started, see more on me at

bipolar cycle


After seeing recent news reports on the youth self harming and taking satan's sweets I have knocked up this A4 poster to print and display..


nike dont do it

drugs, self harm

This is a copyright free idea, get a sharpie marker and an old tee shirt, look at the Nike 'just do it' Ads in Google,

then Andy Warhol's velvet underground record cover , put the tee on a board so tight, stuff pillow in back,

freehand draw your own version and wear with attitude.

self harm, dont do it

self harm



I hope you like the publication so far, and I ask you to consider doing a page, take a photo and send it to me on

This site interface will evolve over time with many pages and navigation system based on topics covered.


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